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Anglia NDT Limited can meet your requirements supplying equipment from leading Non Destructive Testing manufacturers, also a comprehensive list of second hand NDT equipment is always available.
Magnetic Particle
Electro Magnets
Magnetic Benches
Fluorescent Magnetic
Particle Inks
Permanent Magnets
Test Pieces
Ultra Violet Bulbs
Ultra Violet Lamps
Dye Penetrant
Fluorescent Dye
Cleaners and Developers
Penetrant Tanks
Air/Water Gun
Test pieces
Calibration Blocks
Flaw Detectors
Hardness Testers
Probes and Cables
Thickness Meters
Ultrasonic Couplant
Agfa Film - all sizes
Film Cassettes
Film Hangers
Lead Letters
Lead Screens
Real Time
Portable X-Ray Set
Flexible Boroscopes
Light Sources
Rigid Boroscopes
Video Probes
Eddy Current
Calibration Blocks
Conductivity Meters
Metoptic wheel rigs
Calibration and Repair
Anglia NDT calibrates and repairs most makes of NDT equipment, including light meters, ultrasonic flaw detectors and radiation monitors. Certificates traceable to National standards are issued.
Consultation and Support
Here at Anglia NDT we offer consultancy and support for all your Non Destructive Testing requirements. ASNDT level 3 is available to test and advise.
We have twenty-five years experience in aerospace engineering and Non Destructive Testing. Our team are experienced in technical investigation and written procedures. A consultant and advisor is always available to advise on all NDT system purchases.
Penetrant Inspection Water Wash Systems
These are manufactured to customer's needs and requirements.
SVI (Spott Video Inspection)
This is a unique GRP and Carbon Composite Inspection System.
Anglia NDT Limited