Anglia NDT Limited


Used Equipment

Eddy Current equipment
Hocking Phasec 2s, 30 x Locator UH 4 x Hocking Autosigma 2000 conductivity meters Nortec 30 rotating probe sets Rohmaan B1 and Rototest units
Penetrant Inspection
Magnaflux ZA37, ZA28 small and medium penetrant lines U/V lamps, TAM Panels J221 and Levy Hill light meters
Magnetic Particle Inspection
U/V lamps. Current and Mag flow test pieces. Magnetometers. Levy Hill and J221 light meters
Ultrasonic Test Equipment
Krauatkramer DM4DL Thickness Meter Various used UT sets
X-Ray Units
Hangers, Processors etc
Olympus / Henke Sass boroscopes light box's etc. You name it I'll try and find it for you.
Anglia NDT Limited